Our approach is centered around positioning you as the most relevant choice for your customers. We create cutting edge, customer-centric websites and software, built entirely around the motivations of the people most important to your business – your clients.

The world is a competitive place – everyone makes good products, or offers a great service. That's why we focus on what makes you the most relevant.


Like a house built on sand, a website or application built on the wrong foundations is destined to fail. You might have the most beautiful, innovative website in the world, but unless it delivers to both the needs of your customers and the goals of your business, it will never succeed. To form that solid platform, we go to great lengths to understand your brand, your audiences and your marketplace. Only then will we define a structure for your website or application that really makes commercial sense.

  • Agree commercial objectives
  • Understand audiences
  • Specify information architecture


Working within the creative parameters of your brand, the creative stage is about marrying stunning web design with intuitive user experience. For each area within your new website or application, we'll produce wireframes that outline the functionality, content hierarchy and key user journeys that we feel best reflect your proposition. At this stage, we'll also consider any mobile or tablet specific user experience requirements. Then, we'll design a full set of visuals so you'll begin to see how your new website will look and feel all the way through. We also work closely with copywriters, photographers, video producers and animators to help you create content that maximises the impact of your online presence... content is king after all.

  • UX & UI planning
  • Responsive design
  • Content generation


Our team of developers use cutting-edge web technology to bring your designs to life. We never use themes or off-the-shelf templates - we hand-code everything from scratch, tailored to your specific requirements. This will ensure your site runs quickly, works well across all types of device, and is optimised to rank well in search engines. 

  • Data strategy & security
  • Front & back-end development
  • Testing & deployment


A successful website should be seen as an ongoing process, not a one-off event. Once it's up and running, we'll work with you to analyse how visitors to your site are interacting with it. We can then use this data (rather than guesswork) to inform any future development. For long term, sustained success, you should be continuously improving your online presence. We'll provide proactive, informed ideas and reccommendations as to how you can stay one step ahead of your competition.

  • User behaviour analysis
  • New features & functionality
  • Continuous improvement

1Zero: Intelligent digital design & development

1Zero is a web design and web development agency based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. We specialise in strategic digital planning, responsive website design, front-end web development (HTML, CSS & JS) and back-end web development (.NET & Umbraco).

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