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The design of your website is an online representation of your brand - your shop window to the world. However superficial it may seem, the design can be a decisive factor in its ultimate success.

The overall look and feel of your site often leads users to instantly judge your business before they read even a single sentence. It can be the difference between gaining or losing their trust. So it's essential that the design of your site reflects the ethos of your brand. 

That's not the only design consideration - smartphones and tablets have changed the way people consume content online. The split between desktop and touch devices across the web in the UK is now roughly 50/50, so it's vital that your website or application is designed to work well across all types of screen size - this is known as responsive design.

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Design is a key influencing factor to any customers' decision making process. Poor design can put you on the back foot from the start, but good design can instantly elevate your brand into a position of trust.

Chris Howard MD & Creative Director
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