User Experience Design

Regardless of your USP, the overall experience you give your customers can often be the thing that really differentiates you from your competitors. Your website is frequently the first touch point people will have with your brand, so it's essential that they come away feeling positive, enthused and keen to develop an ongoing relationship with you.

That means every interaction with your website or application should be designed to provide the best possible user experience. It should be simple to use, easy to navigate and clear in what it's asking them to do.

Using wireframes (basic, simple to understand layout diagrams), we'll design the content hierarchy and functional requirements for each area of your site before we even consider the visual look and feel. Collectively, these elements will combine to provide the best possible user experience across all types of devices.

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All the strategic planning, beautiful design and innovative technology in the world will count for little if a users' experience is poor. Put yourself in your customers' shoes, ask the questions they would ask, and ensure your website answers them. 

Chris Howard MD & Creative Director
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